Server Setup

General setup and command usages

Antinuke Setup
To setup antinuke settings, start by running the command
(prefix)setme. This will configure the jail channel, jail role,
logs channel, and antinuke settings.

*punishments: ban,kick,strip,none

Antinuke Botadd
// enabling
- antinuke botadd enable [punishment]
ex. (prefix)antinuke botadd enable none
// disabling
- antinuke botadd disable

Antinuke Ban
// enabling
- antinuke ban enable [punishment] <threshold>
ex. (prefix)antinuke ban enable strip 2
// disabling
- antinuke ban disable

Antinuke Kick
// enabling
- antinuke kick enable [punishment] <threshold>
ex. (prefix)antinuke kick enable strip 2
// disabling
- antinuke kick disable

Welcome/Leave and Boost Messages
Welcome Message
// adding welcome message
- welcome add [channel] [message/embedcode]
ex. (prefix)welcome add #channel {user.mention} Welcome to Fyecord!
// removing welcome message
- welcome remove [channel]

Leave Message
// adding leave message
- leave add [channel] [message/embedcode]
ex. (prefix)leave add #channel {user} has left us :sob:
// removing leave messae
- leave remove [channel]

Boost Message
// adding boost message
- boost add [channel] [message/embedcode]
ex. (prefix)boost add #channel {user.mention} Thanks for boosting!
// removing boost message
- boost remove [channel]

the command usages for automod is simple and easy. You can check the commands @

- autorole add [role]
ex. (prefix)autorole add @#infyewetrust

- autorole remove [role]
ex. (prefix)autorole add @#infyewetrust

- role [member] [role] (if more than one seperate by using ",")
ex. (prefix)role @fatuousrump member, owner

to remove just do the same thing

- roleall [role]
ex. (prefix)roleall @#infyewetrust

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